Top tourist destinations in the Middle East

Before now no one ever thought the desert could be so beautiful. The fascinating and attractive appearance the desert landscape of the middle east has taken on is completely different from the dry and parched land of the past. Today we see lush cities, with their highly magnificent and flamboyant structures that continually draw tourists from all corners of the globe. The Arabian lands hold wonders that every curious eye must see at least once in a lifetime. Here are some amazing destinations in the middle east:

Egypt (Cairo, Luxor)

Watered by the regal River Nile, the longest river in the world, Egypt is home to one of Earth’s oldest civilizations. If the architectural wonders of the Egyptian palatial tombs of the pharaohs, the pyramids don’t impress you. Hearing the beautiful tales of kings, heroes and demigods in all of Cairo’s museum is enough reason to pay the Egyptian capital a visit. And you can even get up close and personal with Egypt’s rich history at the Karnak temple and the valley of kings in Luxor, Egypt.

Jordan (Petra)

The ancient city of Petra conceals treasures carved deep into the rocks. Its grand sculpted temples structured by the craft hands of ancient desert tribes holds one of the most incredible sites you will not see anywhere else. The land is an absolute spectacle to watch in the light of the setting Sun.

Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv)

Very few places on earth hold as much cultural and religious diversity like Israel does. Home to three great monotheistic faiths side-by-side without prejudice, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Israel is home for all. The 3000-year-old city gives you enough to look at with its gigantic walls, mosques, bazaar, and alleys. And if what you want to see is the cosmopolitan side of Israel, then a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel’s buzzing city is what you need. The city is a little of Miami, little of New York and Rio Brazil mixed into one, the perfect recipe for a lifetime adventure.

UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai)

Only those who haven’t seen Abu Dhabi will still hold a shallow view of the middle east. The island city is the culmination of all the beauty of the region all in one place. The city hosts the two spectacular museums and large mosque even non-Muslims would want to see. The city of Dubai is home to the most intricately crafted architectural wonders of this modern day. Its white beaches, plush hotels, and exotic malls will make you feel like a Royal.

Turkey (Istanbul)

Old Constantinople still has its entire imperial architectural splendor in place and has now added a mix of modern sophistication. The city of Istanbul is famed as one of the most visited tourist centers in the world. Visitors who come to see the relics of an old Arabian civilization are surprised by the warmness of a contemporary cosmopolitan bustling mixing old and new in perfect harmony.

The Middle East has a lot of excitement to offer if you are willing to take the tour. You will definitely leave with memories enough for a lifetime or two.

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