Tips For Traveling to Austin Texas

Finding a place to go for the weekend can mean driving just out of state to explore the interesting cities around town. Rediscovering cities like Austin in Texas gives you an idea about this interesting area apart from being the heart of South by Southwest (SXSW). Chances are you may feel like going there just for kicks. But in case you do so, be aware of the basics.

  • Expect some bats.

If you happen to drop by Austin between November and February, expect the bats to come out early evening. At first, it really freaks out tourists who just arrived to Austin for the first time fearing that those bats would bite them (as if the latter could see them). Others are thrilled at the sight of actual bats – not props, real bats that fly around coming into the night – and not props found on Halloween. But the bat props are seen all over the city more as memorials or statues serving as reminders of what made Austin unique for the bat-watching scenes as opposed to the bird-watching scenery found elsewhere. It’s a good fusion of late Halloween thrills and nature-tripping.

  • Expect to use Uber a little more often.

The misconception is that the traffic usually happens mostly in Houston or San Antonio. Apparently, it happens in Austin either. The traffic is so bad that some tourists are even discouraged from driving around the city for the tours. There is an Uber force ready to serve you here so you don’t have to stress yourself from driving a heavily congested city. People flock to Austin for the great reasons. But it can get so crowded that it can stress you out before you can even enjoy the views from your window.

  • Expect excellent food.

Austin is one city that people go to for the quality Tex Mex. Surely, there are other cities in Texas and other states close to the Mexican border for people to go to for such culinary treats. But the variety found in Austin is quite vast. The usual go-to areas for the Tex Mex, tacos, and the barbecues are the food trucks. This is laid back American cuisine complete with the sausages and the briskets at your disposal. It’s almost like a food truck parking area with the meatiest dishes one could ever find. Food items that make you forget about your diet for the night. Not the kind of stuff you’d want to shy away from and claim “I’m on a diet”. You don’t go to Austin in the middle of your diet. Not even for your cheat day.

  • Expect “eccentricity”.

Some tourists may have an issue with Austin’s tag line “Keep Austin Weird”. Sometimes it comes across as some attention-grabbing marketing slogan for tourism purposes. Sometimes it is an excuse to distinguish itself from the rest of the Texan states. But expect eccentricity as well. Watching people be themselves helps in spotting the weird from the eccentric and see which souvenirs to keep on your way out of the city.

Exploring Austin with an idea about the ways to survive its eccentricity and traffic helps in enjoying the city more. Feel free to take this advice with a grain of salt since it helped in painting a touristy picture for this taco haven while being blunt enough in providing crucial information to help you get through the city. Have fun in Austin.

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