Things you should have in your suitcase when traveling to Africa

Going to Africa can be a great adventure. It doesn’t matter which country in Africa you are going to visit. However, if you want to make sure that you are going to have all the essentials pack for your trip to Africa, you need to make sure that these things are in your suitcase. Otherwise, you might have some problems along the way.

High-quality sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if you are going to Africa during the winter or summer. This is the number one thing that needs to be in your suitcase. High-quality sunscreen. Not the type of sunscreen that is normally purchased in your country, but something that will work one 100% in Africa.

They have really a hot and burning sun, and if you don’t want to get seriously ill because of the hot sun, then you should have a quality sunscreen that will protect you completely.

Protective clothing

This is another essential item for protecting you from the heat and sun. You should make sure that you are packing light clothing that is going to protect you from the heat. Some people prefer to purchase long-sleeve clothing that is light. This is so that they are as much protected as possible for the African sun.

Black and other dark colors should be avoided at all costs. Only people that already have visited Africa know how warm it can get there.

Mosquito repellent

Because of the risk of getting malaria, you need to make sure that you also have mosquito repellent in your bag. Not too much, but enough so that you are going to be protected from mosquito bites. There are many people that are getting sick from malaria, and there are even some people that are dying from it.

This is why you should consider buying it before you are getting a bite from a mosquito.

Comfortable shoes

You are going to walk a lot. And, this is why you should make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes. They don’t really care about the type of shoe that you are going to wear as long as it is comfortable for your walks.

High-heels are for the night time and for nightclubs. Not for visiting tourist attractions during the day.

These are the things that you should have in your bag when you are traveling to Africa. Without these things, you will have a risk of getting sick from the heat or you are going to have feet that are seriously tired and injured.

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