Inner Peace by Taking a Break

There is a reason why vacation leave is mandated by law. Before stress gets to you in the form of health issues, you need to take a break. You can’t always use your reasons to pay the bills and whatever money-based obligation you have at the moment to keep on working and come up with the needed cash. Or funds if you have finally gotten cashless.

Sometimes it is no longer the itinerary that makes you book a vacation – even if it’s just a weekend getaway – out of town. Sometimes you just want to walk away from it all and come back once you have recharged your batteries. You probably remember a few friends that booked a couple of nights in some resort just to make up for lost sleep.

So how else can you maximize time earned on your weekend getaway?

  • Never underestimate the power of sleep.

This is advisable only when you are traveling alone and booking a hotel/resort room all by yourself. It would be unfair to whoever you are with to find another travel companion in the middle of the hotel stay itself. A friend that worked in a local carpet cleaning company in Chula Vista, CA that had seen the film “Lost in Translation” told me about one of the characters constantly left in the hotel room by her husband basically left to fend for herself. Sleeping the entire stay could have worked if she needed to make up for lost energy living a stressful life.

  • Turn it into your second honeymoon.

Speaking of staying in a resort as a couple, it could have been the best opportunity to make it into your second honeymoon. Time away from the kids, from work, from everyone else that likes to make your life their business meant having time all among yourselves as a couple. Best done when you have been thinking about adding another member of the family. If no kid popped up the first time you spend the honeymoon, this might be the right time to finally condition your body for another human being.

  • Attend your first (and maybe only) yoga class.

Notice how “and maybe only” was written just between open and close parentheses since not everyone that gets to spend yoga the first time wants to do it again. But it helped in improving their meditation skills. Yes, meditation is a skill and it is becoming more in demand for individuals that wanted to get their brains and consciousness synced back into their peaceful state. Sometimes it is the breathing process. Most of the time it is for getting the joints stretched and twisted with less impact. Pain is unavoidable but at least the relief outpaces the pain.

You may have noticed the common trope in these tips – inner peace. It is supposed to be the cheapest perk available in our lives until you realized that what made it expensive it that you don’t spend money on gaining it. You spend time. And you spend money to buy time needed to get those meditation classes done. You learn how to meditate, you learn better ways to sleep. And you get to spend time with people who matter to you the most in the middle of that weekend getaway.

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