How to Pack a Carry On?

Let’s face it. We don’t always use a big suitcase when going out of town to travel. It can get bulky. And if we have to option to travel light, we will always ALWAYS take it in a heartbeat. If only we knew how to fit all of that stuff in that space provided by the carry-on bag.

Packing stuff for the sake of spending your weekend elsewhere should not be hard if you learn how to maximize the space found in your chosen bag. You might end up packing the same stuff as before. But this time it will be organized. And you can thank the tips below.

  • Fold clothes vertically for storage.

Conventional packing habits have taught us that folding and laying clothes on the carry on bag should show said items flat on the base of the bag. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With the clothes vertically folded, you can layer them on the bag with the side of the clothes facing upwards the bag. Or leaning against one another with the last piece of clothing leaning on one edge of the bag. Other travelers described it as folding clothes to the height of the suitcase. We got this fantastic packing hack from professional movers and packers, and it’s handy! So whenever you open your bag, you immediately see the clothes aligned for easier selection.

  • Use pouches for the non-clothing stuff.

Women love the bra pouch. They often find it handy for their bras and maintain its shape. For everything else, a conventional pouch will do. There is a pouch to store the undies and the socks. Have another pouch – or Ziploc bag – to store the toiletries and necessities. Have another pouch for the power bank, cords, and other gadgets. Then keep the cosmetics safe in a different pouch. Having the items categorized make them easier to find.

  • Downsize some of the items in travel size.

That is what the pouch is for. Bringing your other items like lotion, perfume and the like will cause your carry-on bag to bulk up and waste space that could have been allotted for the other pouches. So instead of throwing away used up body spray containers, you can recycle them to store in smaller amounts of sprayable items for travel.

  • Bring along the sample-sized products.

Some of them may be labeled as “travel-sized” products so the similarity is uncanny. It might as well be used for what it can be appropriately intended. It gives you an opportunity to try new stuff on the road. And if you don’t feel like using it again, you may simply leave it at your hotel room. No strings attached. Or in some cases, no love lost. You learn how to use a primer for your face before applying makeup without having to worry about any leftovers to take with you home and risk bulking the carry-on bag further.

Packing stuff is not hard. Nor should it have to be stressful. As long as you have ways to keep your stuff organized and ready for selection later as demonstrated in the vertical manner of folding clothes, you are good to go. Let this checklist serve as a guide on your next getaway. It will also come handy once it is time to call the movers and packers that will help you move out of town into your new home address. Happy trip and enjoy this video for some visuals!

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