How to move furniture out of state

We all know that interstate moving is tedious, stressful and time-consuming but moving out of state is a whole new ball game. If you were scared about your furniture getting damaged while moving from one location to another in the same state, imagine how you would feel while moving to an entirely different one. Of all things to move, furniture is the most “delicate”, anything can happen during the move and if you are moving on your own, i.e. with no help from a moving company that has insurance, you would have to bear the cost of the damage. Utmost care has to be taken when moving furniture to another state. Just in case, you would rather have all the stress handled for you by a competent moving company and you stay in Escondido, C.A, you can contact them at If you want to do it yourself however, here are some steps to take:

  1. Plan properly: Like everything in life, moving with a plan or set goal in mind is advisable. This way you have everything- or mostly everything in control, you can anticipate your next move and save time. Map out the routes to take, how best to pack your property.
  2. Take an inventory of your furnitures: You should list your furnitures and take note of the ones that you wouldn’t mind giving out (to reduce the load), the ones that can be dismantled and reassembled, the very delicate ones that have to be handled with utmost care etc. Doing this would give you a sense of what you would be working with eventually.
  3. Prepare for the road: You would need to rent a truck and or a portable moving container. The moving container is a great way to move all your things at once; you don’t have to do it halfway. They can serve as additional space for when the truck is full and the good part is they can be easily attached to the truck or even delivered by the moving company. As for the truck, renting one from a reliable and well known rental company is the way to go. This way, you can rest assured that if anything happens to the truck, there would be insurance to cover your losses.
  4. Prepare your furniture: It would be quite sad to see that your favorite piece of furniture has been scuffed or scratched during the moving process. To prevent this, you can get stretch wraps- they are plastic wraps that can be wrapped around furnitures to act as protective padding and keep them safe during moving.

Also, furniture items life bed frames, shelving units, dressers that can be dismantled should be broken down. This would make them easier to transport and save space in the truck.

As an extra preventive measure against damage, you can also use cardboard boxes to keep the corners of your furniture from getting damaged or causing injuries. All you need do is tape the corner with a cardboard and you are good to go.

  1. Loading the truck: It is important to arrange your furnitures in a way that you would conserve space and move all of them at a go. To do this, you should put large pieces of furniture first and stack the light and small ones on them. You arranging, you should work from front to back and bottom to top.

With these tips, you find that moving your furnitures out of state is something you can handle all on your own. No need to be scared. You’ve got this!

How to Pack a Carry On?

Let’s face it. We don’t always use a big suitcase when going out of town to travel. It can get bulky. And if we have to option to travel light, we will always ALWAYS take it in a heartbeat. If only we knew how to fit all of that stuff in that space provided by the carry-on bag.

Packing stuff for the sake of spending your weekend elsewhere should not be hard if you learn how to maximize the space found in your chosen bag. You might end up packing the same stuff as before. But this time it will be organized. And you can thank the tips below.

  • Fold clothes vertically for storage.

Conventional packing habits have taught us that folding and laying clothes on the carry on bag should show said items flat on the base of the bag. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With the clothes vertically folded, you can layer them on the bag with the side of the clothes facing upwards the bag. Or leaning against one another with the last piece of clothing leaning on one edge of the bag. Other travelers described it as folding clothes to the height of the suitcase. We got this fantastic packing hack from professional movers and packers, and it’s handy! So whenever you open your bag, you immediately see the clothes aligned for easier selection.

  • Use pouches for the non-clothing stuff.

Women love the bra pouch. They often find it handy for their bras and maintain its shape. For everything else, a conventional pouch will do. There is a pouch to store the undies and the socks. Have another pouch – or Ziploc bag – to store the toiletries and necessities. Have another pouch for the power bank, cords, and other gadgets. Then keep the cosmetics safe in a different pouch. Having the items categorized make them easier to find.

  • Downsize some of the items in travel size.

That is what the pouch is for. Bringing your other items like lotion, perfume and the like will cause your carry-on bag to bulk up and waste space that could have been allotted for the other pouches. So instead of throwing away used up body spray containers, you can recycle them to store in smaller amounts of sprayable items for travel.

  • Bring along the sample-sized products.

Some of them may be labeled as “travel-sized” products so the similarity is uncanny. It might as well be used for what it can be appropriately intended. It gives you an opportunity to try new stuff on the road. And if you don’t feel like using it again, you may simply leave it at your hotel room. No strings attached. Or in some cases, no love lost. You learn how to use a primer for your face before applying makeup without having to worry about any leftovers to take with you home and risk bulking the carry-on bag further.

Packing stuff is not hard. Nor should it have to be stressful. As long as you have ways to keep your stuff organized and ready for selection later as demonstrated in the vertical manner of folding clothes, you are good to go. Let this checklist serve as a guide on your next getaway. It will also come handy once it is time to call the movers and packers that will help you move out of town into your new home address. Happy trip and enjoy this video for some visuals!

Inner Peace by Taking a Break

There is a reason why vacation leave is mandated by law. Before stress gets to you in the form of health issues, you need to take a break. You can’t always use your reasons to pay the bills and whatever money-based obligation you have at the moment to keep on working and come up with the needed cash. Or funds if you have finally gotten cashless.

Sometimes it is no longer the itinerary that makes you book a vacation – even if it’s just a weekend getaway – out of town. Sometimes you just want to walk away from it all and come back once you have recharged your batteries. You probably remember a few friends that booked a couple of nights in some resort just to make up for lost sleep.

So how else can you maximize time earned on your weekend getaway?

  • Never underestimate the power of sleep.

This is advisable only when you are traveling alone and booking a hotel/resort room all by yourself. It would be unfair to whoever you are with to find another travel companion in the middle of the hotel stay itself. A friend that worked in a local carpet cleaning company in Chula Vista, CA that had seen the film “Lost in Translation” told me about one of the characters constantly left in the hotel room by her husband basically left to fend for herself. Sleeping the entire stay could have worked if she needed to make up for lost energy living a stressful life.

  • Turn it into your second honeymoon.

Speaking of staying in a resort as a couple, it could have been the best opportunity to make it into your second honeymoon. Time away from the kids, from work, from everyone else that likes to make your life their business meant having time all among yourselves as a couple. Best done when you have been thinking about adding another member of the family. If no kid popped up the first time you spend the honeymoon, this might be the right time to finally condition your body for another human being.

  • Attend your first (and maybe only) yoga class.

Notice how “and maybe only” was written just between open and close parentheses since not everyone that gets to spend yoga the first time wants to do it again. But it helped in improving their meditation skills. Yes, meditation is a skill and it is becoming more in demand for individuals that wanted to get their brains and consciousness synced back into their peaceful state. Sometimes it is the breathing process. Most of the time it is for getting the joints stretched and twisted with less impact. Pain is unavoidable but at least the relief outpaces the pain.

You may have noticed the common trope in these tips – inner peace. It is supposed to be the cheapest perk available in our lives until you realized that what made it expensive it that you don’t spend money on gaining it. You spend time. And you spend money to buy time needed to get those meditation classes done. You learn how to meditate, you learn better ways to sleep. And you get to spend time with people who matter to you the most in the middle of that weekend getaway.

Top tourist destinations in the Middle East

Before now no one ever thought the desert could be so beautiful. The fascinating and attractive appearance the desert landscape of the middle east has taken on is completely different from the dry and parched land of the past. Today we see lush cities, with their highly magnificent and flamboyant structures that continually draw tourists from all corners of the globe. The Arabian lands hold wonders that every curious eye must see at least once in a lifetime. Here are some amazing destinations in the middle east:

Egypt (Cairo, Luxor)

Watered by the regal River Nile, the longest river in the world, Egypt is home to one of Earth’s oldest civilizations. If the architectural wonders of the Egyptian palatial tombs of the pharaohs, the pyramids don’t impress you. Hearing the beautiful tales of kings, heroes and demigods in all of Cairo’s museum is enough reason to pay the Egyptian capital a visit. And you can even get up close and personal with Egypt’s rich history at the Karnak temple and the valley of kings in Luxor, Egypt.

Jordan (Petra)

The ancient city of Petra conceals treasures carved deep into the rocks. Its grand sculpted temples structured by the craft hands of ancient desert tribes holds one of the most incredible sites you will not see anywhere else. The land is an absolute spectacle to watch in the light of the setting Sun.

Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv)

Very few places on earth hold as much cultural and religious diversity like Israel does. Home to three great monotheistic faiths side-by-side without prejudice, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Israel is home for all. The 3000-year-old city gives you enough to look at with its gigantic walls, mosques, bazaar, and alleys. And if what you want to see is the cosmopolitan side of Israel, then a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel’s buzzing city is what you need. The city is a little of Miami, little of New York and Rio Brazil mixed into one, the perfect recipe for a lifetime adventure.

UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai)

Only those who haven’t seen Abu Dhabi will still hold a shallow view of the middle east. The island city is the culmination of all the beauty of the region all in one place. The city hosts the two spectacular museums and large mosque even non-Muslims would want to see. The city of Dubai is home to the most intricately crafted architectural wonders of this modern day. Its white beaches, plush hotels, and exotic malls will make you feel like a Royal.

Turkey (Istanbul)

Old Constantinople still has its entire imperial architectural splendor in place and has now added a mix of modern sophistication. The city of Istanbul is famed as one of the most visited tourist centers in the world. Visitors who come to see the relics of an old Arabian civilization are surprised by the warmness of a contemporary cosmopolitan bustling mixing old and new in perfect harmony.

The Middle East has a lot of excitement to offer if you are willing to take the tour. You will definitely leave with memories enough for a lifetime or two.

Top 5 cities visited by tourists all over the world

If you are a thrill seeker in search of amazing sights and sounds to satisfy your curious heart, the good news is the earth has enough to offer you by way of natural landscapes and features. Mountains, seas, beaches islands and a host of other amazing natural wonders. Tourists, however, are not only satisfied with watching the wonders of nature. They go to places with beautiful natural landscapes have been interwoven successfully with the amazing lifestyle and urban life of the people. Add amazing megastructures, and architectural wonders and what you get is a unique hotspot for tourists from all over the world. Here are some of the cities that have been adjudged as great destination spots:

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the most popular cities for international visitors, thanks to its appealing mix of modern wonders and interesting historical sites. Exciting locations within the city include the gilded Grand Palace, the Peninsula Bangkok, great canals and alleys filled with food vendors.

London UK

The beautiful city of London has a rich cultural heritage and many important places to show tourists that a single trip isn’t enough. The city is one of the most visited by tourists from all over the world. The city also plays home to several new trendy restaurants, hotels and malls.

Paris, France

Dubbed the romantic capital of the world hosting weddings and a favorite spot for honeymooners and also double has the center for trendy fashion styles and chic shopping. France is also popular among tourists for its unique restaurants with their delectable cuisines. Although lodging in Dubai many luxurious hotels might put a big demand on your pocket, it hasn’t deterred tourists from visiting the home of the famous Eiffel tower

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is home to many awe-inspiring structures, and new ones keep on springing up now and then. The city holds mega-structures like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al- Arab, two of the tallest buildings in the world, artificial islands, underwater restaurants and flying drone taxis all the pomp and pageantry seem to be driving in the traffic of tourists and keeps Dubai high on the list of favorite cities visited by tourists.


The Asian city of Singapore is notable as the home of the Instagram worthy hotel in the world. The city also owns what has been labeled as one of the best airports in the world. The lion city also has some sites, parks, temples and an excellent feel of true Asian culture to keep visitors to the city occupied and keep them coming.

Other megacities that witness great tourist influx include New York, USA, Tokyo Japan, Seoul South Korea among others. If you are an enthusiast for traveling and hasn’t sampled the hospitality in any of these cities, you might want to add them to your wish list of tourist detonations the next time you will be on the road.

Click here to learn more about travel destinations.

Tips For Traveling to Austin Texas

Finding a place to go for the weekend can mean driving just out of state to explore the interesting cities around town. Rediscovering cities like Austin in Texas gives you an idea about this interesting area apart from being the heart of South by Southwest (SXSW). Chances are you may feel like going there just for kicks. But in case you do so, be aware of the basics.

  • Expect some bats.

If you happen to drop by Austin between November and February, expect the bats to come out early evening. At first, it really freaks out tourists who just arrived to Austin for the first time fearing that those bats would bite them (as if the latter could see them). Others are thrilled at the sight of actual bats – not props, real bats that fly around coming into the night – and not props found on Halloween. But the bat props are seen all over the city more as memorials or statues serving as reminders of what made Austin unique for the bat-watching scenes as opposed to the bird-watching scenery found elsewhere. It’s a good fusion of late Halloween thrills and nature-tripping.

  • Expect to use Uber a little more often.

The misconception is that the traffic usually happens mostly in Houston or San Antonio. Apparently, it happens in Austin either. The traffic is so bad that some tourists are even discouraged from driving around the city for the tours. There is an Uber force ready to serve you here so you don’t have to stress yourself from driving a heavily congested city. People flock to Austin for the great reasons. But it can get so crowded that it can stress you out before you can even enjoy the views from your window.

  • Expect excellent food.

Austin is one city that people go to for the quality Tex Mex. Surely, there are other cities in Texas and other states close to the Mexican border for people to go to for such culinary treats. But the variety found in Austin is quite vast. The usual go-to areas for the Tex Mex, tacos, and the barbecues are the food trucks. This is laid back American cuisine complete with the sausages and the briskets at your disposal. It’s almost like a food truck parking area with the meatiest dishes one could ever find. Food items that make you forget about your diet for the night. Not the kind of stuff you’d want to shy away from and claim “I’m on a diet”. You don’t go to Austin in the middle of your diet. Not even for your cheat day.

  • Expect “eccentricity”.

Some tourists may have an issue with Austin’s tag line “Keep Austin Weird”. Sometimes it comes across as some attention-grabbing marketing slogan for tourism purposes. Sometimes it is an excuse to distinguish itself from the rest of the Texan states. But expect eccentricity as well. Watching people be themselves helps in spotting the weird from the eccentric and see which souvenirs to keep on your way out of the city.

Exploring Austin with an idea about the ways to survive its eccentricity and traffic helps in enjoying the city more. Feel free to take this advice with a grain of salt since it helped in painting a touristy picture for this taco haven while being blunt enough in providing crucial information to help you get through the city. Have fun in Austin.

Things you should have in your suitcase when traveling to Africa

Going to Africa can be a great adventure. It doesn’t matter which country in Africa you are going to visit. However, if you want to make sure that you are going to have all the essentials pack for your trip to Africa, you need to make sure that these things are in your suitcase. Otherwise, you might have some problems along the way.

High-quality sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if you are going to Africa during the winter or summer. This is the number one thing that needs to be in your suitcase. High-quality sunscreen. Not the type of sunscreen that is normally purchased in your country, but something that will work one 100% in Africa.

They have really a hot and burning sun, and if you don’t want to get seriously ill because of the hot sun, then you should have a quality sunscreen that will protect you completely.

Protective clothing

This is another essential item for protecting you from the heat and sun. You should make sure that you are packing light clothing that is going to protect you from the heat. Some people prefer to purchase long-sleeve clothing that is light. This is so that they are as much protected as possible for the African sun.

Black and other dark colors should be avoided at all costs. Only people that already have visited Africa know how warm it can get there.

Mosquito repellent

Because of the risk of getting malaria, you need to make sure that you also have mosquito repellent in your bag. Not too much, but enough so that you are going to be protected from mosquito bites. There are many people that are getting sick from malaria, and there are even some people that are dying from it.

This is why you should consider buying it before you are getting a bite from a mosquito.

Comfortable shoes

You are going to walk a lot. And, this is why you should make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes. They don’t really care about the type of shoe that you are going to wear as long as it is comfortable for your walks.

High-heels are for the night time and for nightclubs. Not for visiting tourist attractions during the day.

These are the things that you should have in your bag when you are traveling to Africa. Without these things, you will have a risk of getting sick from the heat or you are going to have feet that are seriously tired and injured.